Our aerial vehicles are all professional drones designed to cover a wide range of services. 

All vehicles are recognized and certified  with insurance

All pilots  and technicians are professionally certificate 

The strategy of having different types of aircrafts is the strength of this company

Air Butterfly Drone can perform different types of yours request

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Air Butterfly Drone Spark 300g   

The range includes from the smallest, light and professional "AirButterflyDrone Spark 300g " considered a harmless drone. With its configuration, it can perform close flights in areas considered critical, always remaining within the highest safety margins.


DJI Phantom 4 Pro

This Drone is easy to transport and adaptable to different configurations , allowing the operator/pilot to perform different types of flight. The characteristics make it possible to cover a wide range of professional services with a low operating cost covering all aspects of operational safety


DJI Inspire 2

Known by everyone, as the most suitable aerial vehicle for cinematographic aerial photography. The wide choice of camera with very high resolution and  the ability to pilot it and shoot the scene using the pilot and the video operator at the same time, makes this drone, the ideal machine to carry out your cinematographic film quality  with the highest standards of safety


Matrice 200 rtk

Without any doubt, the most complete professional aircraft at this time. Its characteristics of the highest quality, the robustness and impermeability, the precision of the movements, the great reliability, the resistance to wind, rain, radio interferences, always maintaining a centimeter accuracy, allow us to offer a complete and professional service for any use.


Industrial, NDT certified, Controls with Thermal Cameras, Zoom, Top Camera, Inspections, Certified Precision Photography and Video, Wind Farms, Turbines, Electric Towers, Pipe Inspections, Oil & Gas, Corrosion, Leak Detection, Electrical Leakage, Overheating, Precision Photogrammetry, Bridges, Under Deck Inspections.

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AirButterflyDrone being a company that operates in a constantly evolving market, is constantly attentive to new technologies in order to always offer a service with high quality and maximum security.

Always feel free to contact us to know what could be the aircraft that best suits your needs.

Our experience and continuous updates will allow us to advise you and offer to you a professional service with the lowest and competitive price