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AirButterflyDrone EVENTS 

Cinematographic Videos, Film , Weddings / Live Streaming Love Story Telling , Music Clips, 
Party & Events, Live Sports Events , TV Advertising, Professional Corporate  Videos, Live Streaming , 

Live Story Telling , Video Reporter , Instagram friend 

AirButterflyDrone SERVICE

Aerial Inspections, Survey, Construction, 3D georeferenced mapping, Precision Farming, 

Wind Turbines, Thermal Imaging Inspections, Leak Detection, Infiltration, Corrosion , Infrastructures, Roads, Roofs, 
Oil & Gas, Industrial Facilities, pipe survey , Telecommunication Tower, Electrical Pylons, Bridge Inspections 

Inspections | Construction Survey & Mapping | Precision Agriculture | Wind Farm | Energy| Thermal Camera | Infrastructure | Oil & Gas | Telecommunication tower

Wedding | Modern Film Maker | Photographic Services | 4K Full HD | Aerial Video  | Cinematic Video | Events Party | Music Videos Sport |  Television Advertising Clips |  Television Services | Live Streaming 

Certificate Unmanned Aerial System | Liability Insurance | FIAA  EASA ENAC | Professional Commercial Qualified | Land Air Sea 

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AirButterflyDrone carried out aerial shooting and editing  a television production episode of 

Tadhana drama series❤️
 international channel  TV  "GMA"
(anthology program which is aired every Saturday at 3.15 pm) which tells the story of a Filipina working overseas 

collaboration in video shooting / editing / clips and reports with  informations media website 

aerial inspections , survey , 3D mapping , leak , dispersion , analysis on industrial structures
Thermography with drone thermal dispersions energy certification

La R.O.S.A ambiente 

We plan special projects to improve your audience, live video streaming

Production  video clips and make it streaming in real time. 

Contact us now! video clips for your Brand Creation. Social Channels Diffusion. Live StoryTelling. Live Video Events