in this video there are some clips used  by a international TV  "GMA",  for an episode of Tadhana 
(anthology program which is aired every Saturday at 3.15 pm) which tells the story of a Filipina working overseas  



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 I hope you enjoy this video, as I have loved to do it. 

 History of the place Here we are in Trevignano Romano in Italy ... 

This small town is located near Rome, on Lake Bracciano, founded on the ruins of an ancient Etruscan city 

(civilization before Rome) here we find the Church of the 1500 and dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption in heaven, 

on the foundations of an ancient sacred building in Gothic style and the ruins of an ancient castle located on the top of the village.

 Being built on a large lake, it is excellent for practicing water sports such as windsurfing, kite or sailboat ... 

 Video : 

The video is born from the passion for the exploration of new places with fantastic scenarios , so ... , just in front of this splendid city ... 

I became interested in this place so full of beautiful images 

 Written and directed by Alex 

 Art Director Vanny 

 sound music : Good For You by THBD 

Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— 

CC BY 3.0 


One Day in the Life.... 2017

Taken in South Italians coasts, Calabria at Capo Vaticano .

I used the "harmless" DJI Spark 300g during a little Job but... it has been so beautiful like a Summer Holiday .. 


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 "I wonder," he says, "If you like the beauty of life overwhelms even that of the sky" by Dallas Hogue.

"The sun has been a source of awe to humans since the dawn of our history. It's light streaming down, pushing back the darkness, revealing the beauty around us, its warmth kissing our skin. And most importantly for all you drone operators out there, providing the golden hour for your videos and pictures." by DJI Grace

music "Secret Conversations" 2:52 The 126ers

Shot by DJI Spark  AirButterflyDrone production


these are the video footage of an exceptional sunrise

the video has been awarded on the specialized skypixel website


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lost in the city ... 

Space Station fall from the sky lost in the city ...  

wrecks fall from the sky 

I wrote and made this clip after reading the latest news and casually recording something that fell down 

"China’s Space Station May Crash to Earth on April Fools’ Day" 

"The sky is falling. Again"

"China’s first space station, Tiangong-1, abandoned and out of control, is expected to drop out of orbit around this weekend, with pieces of it likely to survive the fiery re-entry and crash somewhere on Earth.... "


A waterfall garden in Rome that has been closed for 56 years reopened to the public (2017). Giardino delle Cascate (Garden of the Waterfalls) in EUR, a southwestern suburb of Rome, first opened in 1961. It was designed by architect Raffaele de Vico and closed shortly after it opened, and was only used occasionally as a film set.

Situated on the EUR lake, the garden has water jets, short waterfalls, natural stones and plants, and flowers. These features allow for the oxygenation of the lake as well as aesthetic beauty

Shot by DJIPhantom 4 Pro

AirButterflyDrone production 

music :

Myspace by kimengumi

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