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AirButterflyDrone for aerial photography and cinematic video will add a whole new dimension to your projects at a fraction of the cost compared to previous methods

Cinematic Video  Wedding , Music , Clips , Party , Events , Sport , Television advertising, Corporate Videos , Live Streaming... 


Aerial Inspections , Construction Survey & Mapping,  Precision Agriculture, Wind Farms, Energy, Thermal Camera, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas,Pipe, Telecommunication tower


AirButterflyDrone offers complete services for your project all your daily operational needs, as easily as you can make a phone call or send an e-mail. From urban and agricultural areas to industrial sites, we provide the capabilities of the drone services you require.

AirButterflyDrone having obtained the necessary certifications, can operate in all areas.

Industrial , Oil&Gas field , Urban City ,  on the Sea, from the Sky ...

Drones have often been seen in the fields of photography and videography, as they are often able to save you huge sums of money compared to camera cranes, being able to reach corners of the field that allow you to make large aerial shots of landscapes and buildings . However, the list of uses that this technology offers is rapidly expanding in other areas. Some of these include agriculture, inventory management for quarries and mines, wind energy, public services and even insurance adjustments.

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